Sunday, May 22, 2005

Emulatronia - oh no, more errors

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dear emulatronia staff. it is "SSSPSX", we are pointing this out the second time now. If we see it a third time, we will write an email (-;

Source: Emulatronia

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Do you find an e? (-;

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Wraggsters decision

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We at emunoobs are glad wraggster is on the correct side now. (-;
Nadeiko says THUMB UP

Let's see when he breaks his word, any bets? (-;

NGemu, go go go!

Our friend "n00bie lubb3r" wrote us again...

"I checked ngemu today and was shocked to see how many credits that
dumbass keith got on their mainpage. Can't ngemu posters find their
own news? looks like 13 of the posts on there credited this guy keith."

Of course we at emunoobs have to go after that and it was true. The first six posts in a row are credited to either Keith (founder of emufanatics) or emufanatics, which is the same. There are total 20 posts on the page right now (last topic: PCEP v0.1 Released!) and 12 of them are credited to emufanatics.

Dear NGemu staff, can't you find news yourself? (-;

Source: NGemu

Emulation 9, perfection at it's best

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Emulation9, perfect as usual. CpcAlive goes MAME. The third post with the same problem, shame on you Navarone (-;

Source: Emulation9

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Double the fun 2

A classic, this time on Emulatronia:

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Again I have to beg the newsposters, please don't douplepost - better donate a post to poor Zophars ;-)

Source: Emulatronia

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Multilingual brasilians

Just found this in the foreign links section at Zophars:
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We know some multilanguage sites too, e.g.: EmuFanatics is an American site about emulators, there is also an English version.

Source: Zophar`s foreign links

Ps: emulacao is down and before you start whining in the comments, the people in Brazil speak Portuguese.

Atila can't stop whining

We at emunoobs sent an email to nokia, we hope they honour your whining with a new leet nokia 1100 ;-)

Ps: if you need new glasses or a new weighing machine let us know. *g

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Source: Retrogames

Sunday, May 15, 2005

zophars domain ultralite news

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Zophar's offers a special service to it's visitors. If you don't have a ultraspeed connection like myself (I am on 56k dialup) there is a page with text news only. oh wait: the news seem to be realy ULTRALITE these days. (-;

Source: Zophars Domain

ps: i will be in Москва for a week. no news from myself in this period

Friday, May 13, 2005

Emu-France not first (updated)

This news appears on Emu-France with a swank "Emu-France First" animated smiley:
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Instead it should show a "Mame World First" animation - the proof:
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Source: Emu-France (my favorite noob victims *g)

Update: Even Brad from Emu-Christ was faster:
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atila: the marketing expert

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atila is now posting about dvd streaming on a emulation news page. dear atila: can't you post that as offtopic in the well visited retrogamesboard? do you think people who visit an emupage want to read about dvd streaming, mothers day, your bad parody of the lost cellphone? atila: where should this end?

Source: Retrogames

kojote: the friendly thief

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webcopy news reached a SHAMELESS new position. kojote SHAMELESS steals news and giving SHAMELESS credits to the person he was stealing the news from. (-; i wonder where is the problem to rewrite a news item in a few words (-; kojote: how will this world look if everyone is SHAMELESS stealing someone else's postings? (-;

Source: PDROMS

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

official link: or not official?

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another mail sent to us by "n00bie lubb3r". this is the original text as it mirrors the whole story quite well (-;

---[original start]---

It seems wraggster is at it again and trying to avoid any possible link to where the news came from. The recent stuff is all over his sites, VGN, EmuCamp and so on about the GB emulator for the PSP. No where does it have a link to the ps2dev thread where the news came from along with the download and image he uses! Where his link leads to there is no mention or link to the thread either .. but to his damn site. THAT IS NOT THE OFFICIAL SITE!

I for one am getting sick of him taking all the credit for stuff and basically saying his sites are the official sites when they are clearly not. This has to end!

It already fooled emunext - the "Official" link there goes right to wraggster and again no mention of the ps2dev thread where it all began. -

---[original end]---

Unfortunately this all will not end as long as webmasters and newsposters don't know what they are doing. But luckily we at emunoobs are going to point them into the right direction (-;

a neverending story - zophars domain

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408 news in zd's database. guys (-; we at emunoobs and our readers, know where the emulator news of the past weeks have gone (-; Thanks to Kojote for the picture and news.

Source: Zophars Domain

zophars kicking again: but not with emulator news

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another 2 weeks without news and another music update appears. dear zophars stuff: are you doing emu news or music news? (-; better go back and concentrate on the main stuff (-;

Source: Zophars Domain

metafox spreading wrong hopes for psp users

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metafox is sadly spreading wrong news. it is gbemu and not gbaemu. many warez kids will be very disappointed now because they got happy to see gba beeing emulated, but it is only the old gameboy and gameboy color. still amazing what a little letter can do (-;

Source: Consolevision

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Atila the hun

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Atila the hun is back. Informing the public about his relations to J-Lo, Pam, Paris and others. Too stupid retrogames is not a blog (-; Please Atila find your cellphone and entertain your ladies. This will at least result in less time and retrogames beeing a plain emu-news site again (-;

ps: we at emunoobs hope that you bought your mum a couple of flowers for mothers-day, if not shame on you (-;

Source: Retrogames

Monday, May 09, 2005

Bad research

The great Kawaks was updated over two months ago, the great Emu X Haven is ... erm... .. just great:

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Source Emu X Haven

Sunday, May 08, 2005


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weE seeEn thEis aE feEw timEes nEow Eand stiEll dEon't uEnderstand wEhy theE guEys Eat emulaEtronia hEave tEo aEdd aEn "E" Eto "SSSPSX".

Source: Emulatronia

Free iPod?

Free Image Hosting at was a very famous site for DC development, but since ages you stumble across the first news item. GET A FREE IPOD! we understand "TheGypsy" who tries to get an iPod for free, but why is it on the TOP since February 1st? A free iPod is great, but please update your page. we at emunoobs have heavy doubts that you already got an free iPod in the meantime, if we are wrong, let us know (-;

Thanks to a anonymous comment to point this out.


Saturday, May 07, 2005

Wraggster drivin nuts (-;

Kojote sent us some interesting lines, proofing the madness of sir "newsspam" wraggster.

[193810] [wraggster] i see that emunoob site has gone very quiet
[193829] [wraggster] i threw a couple of shit newsposts in to get their attention too
[193833] [wraggster] :P
[193930] [wraggster] im struggling at the moment though
[193942] [wraggster] post news or play on my new psp games
[193947] [Kojote] i think i gonna copy and that and send it to emunoobs ;)
[193950] [wraggster] its really hard to be here
[193954] [Kojote] sorry but i can not resist ;)
[193956] [wraggster] lol
[194002] [wraggster] bastard
[194002] [wraggster] :P
[194018] [wraggster] oh no
[194024] [wraggster] more fuckin visitors
[194034] [wraggster] my peace is ruined
[194039] [wraggster] ffs
[194040] [wraggster] ffs
[194046] [wraggster] grr
[194047] [wraggster] gr
[194047] * wraggster was kicked by chu (flood)
[194105] * wraggster has joined #dcemu
[194119] [wraggster] u fucking with me chu
[194130] [wraggster] im gonna stab ya ya bastard
[194137] [wraggster] :P
[194207] [wraggster] fuck it the newsposting will have to wait
[194210] [wraggster] :(
[194240] [wraggster] my psp site is pissing all over the ds site
[194257] [wraggster] the ds seems to have lost its sparkle

Spreading wrong news to get attention. how deep can you sink, sir wraggster. we at emunoobs recommend you professional help from a doctor (-; to pay the doctor, you have to add more banners to your pages. logical step, isn't it? (-;

Source: EFNET #dcemu

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Secret identity of DaveKlassix revealed

We at emu noobs worked hard to find the secret identity of superhero DaveKlassix! Look here for full private details of Clark Kent ... errr.. .Dave... ;-)

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Source: VGN Contact Page

Intelligent RSS feed at Zophars

Wow, that is a real improvement in RSS feed technology. The feed at Zophars knows what everyone else already suspected. Have a look at this message:

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Source: Zophars Domain RSS Feed

mission briefing

We have seen many discussions about emunoobs recently and it's time to exactly tell again what kind of message we try to give with this page.

This page tries to do satirical critics on plain wrong news items or similar items. The last thing we want is to make others feel bad. Both people involved in this page been in news business too and know what can be done wrong.

We try to point at the mistake so everyone can learn from the situation.

If you post old news as so called news-poster, you are not worth calling yourself a news-poster. If you name or describe an emulator in a wrong way, you are not worthy either. To be a news-poster or running a news-page comes along with a lot of responsibility.

I hope our message arrived and let's continue with lots of fun (-;

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

3 errors in (almost) a row

Now that is almost record-breaking. Three errors in one day and almost in a row:

1. there is no emulator called A.G.E.
2. there is no emulator called Odyssey2
3. there is no Meka 20050501 WIP
4. there is no spoon... err... wrong movie

Image Hosted by

Call my picky if you want (-;
The first who can correct the three errors gets a virtual handshake from us.

Source: emulation number 9

Old news spreading Part 2

Oh no, does nobody listen to us? Look at what you did, another newsposter copying news without looking at the facts. Virtual VS and the I,Robot Emulator have both been updated? Sure, they have both been updated a loooooong time ago: the I,Robot emulator in 2003 and Virtual VS in 2004... *sigh*

Free Image Hosting at

Source: Retrogames

Monday, May 02, 2005

Old news spreading

This is beautiful example of old news (courtesy of emulation number 9 - see below) spreading around:

Free Image Hosting at

Btw, the Virtual VS v1.1 version is quite old aswell.

Source: Emu-France

update: Only old news, are new news III

Image Hosted by
Navarone who has been noobed yesterday, did it again. Posting over one month old news as new. It's like reading you get a bread for free at your local bakery but the newspaper reported this one month too late. Please go back with empty hands, the baker does not give out free things now.

(Update by Hermes) You think it can't get any worse? Well it can: this I,Robot emulator was released October 2003:

Free Image Hosting at

Source: Emulation9

insert credit to continue

Seven news in a row - zero credit to PD-Roms from which the news were apparently "taken". Seven links to the spamhole... ;-)

Free Image Hosting at

Source: VGN

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Old avatar, new avatar

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I really can not decide which avatar is better, can you? (-;

Source: Total-Emu

linguistic masterpiece

Nothing to say (-;

Free Image Hosting at

Source: Emufanatics

fast, faster, error?

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navarone is always known for beeing a fasty (-; it still regular happens that he post about new emulators but links the wrong page, like in this situation. it can happen, but if you have a closer look, you will find two more errors of this kind on his page. beeing fast is one thing, beeing correct another. will you ever learn? (-;

Source: Emulation9