Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Please don't contact us!

Well, I tried to contact the most down-to-date emulator site Zophar Net...
But look what happens when you press on "Contact us" using Internet Explorer:

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Maybe they don't like the IE? I tried using Opera:

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Well, at least it works... but maybe I should just exit as perl suggests in the first line... this site is getting more and more dead, no?

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

emu noobs: Contribute or what?

This Yuri guy is listed on our contributor list since weeks now. He has not contributed a single noob line of text to our beloved blog. I cannot tolerate this so I must take action. I am sure Nadeiko has his fingers on this one... Yuri, post something or get noobed to hell *g

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Source: emu noobs

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

psp-news: hidden affiliation codes

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Wraggster, famous for his network of various console sites and former advertisment banner king, is working on new steps to get millionaire. He reports about "new products" like this brandnew and great ceramic white PSP, but wait - is that a tracking link? OH MY GOD (-;

Source: psp-news

aep-emu: another copy & paste madness

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this type of news posting seems to get popular (-; first retroguru now aep-emu. where will this end? (-; we at emunoobs recommend to check each post twice before submitting anything. this will avoid you getting blamed in the public (-;

Source: AEP-Emu

MAME is Arcade, Arcade is MAME

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The latest MAME release seems to cause a lot of confusion. Our friends from Emu-France didn't even bother to give the release a name. Beware, as Arcade 0.100 has been released!

Source: after 0.99 comes 1.00

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Oh, no - not again. Kojote thinks he is smart by applying mathematics to emulator release numbers. Kojotes brain: "After 0.99 comes 0.100 ? No thats wrong because that would mean 0.10. So the new release must be 1.00. Lets post some news..."

If he would have thrown a closer look at the credited site AEP Emulation Page he would have known better. ;-)


Monday, September 12, 2005

Copy & Paste Madness

Not much going on lately... who can blame Kojote for misspelling the latest Mame U update. There have been more U updates the last two weeks than news at Zophars for the last two months! Talk about progress ;-)

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Friday, September 09, 2005