Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hell has frozen over

OMG! EmuFanatics, Emulation64 and Emutastic joined forces in a desparate struggle to rule over the whole Emulation Scene. There are now more admins at the Emulation64 Forums than lamers! Green nicknames everywhere...
This is shocking news for us, three noob'able sites merged into one. Our source material is shrinking. ;-)

Whats next? A merger of VGN and Zophars? Very scary!!

Source: The Emulation64 Network

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

freepspupdates - illegal pyramidsystem?

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A new sideproject of pspupdates: giving away free goodies if you refer your friends. we at emunoobs smell an illegal pyramidsystem. pyramidsystems are prohibited in most countries, only the people on the "top" will have an advantage out of it. another step which proofs the professional status of p$pupdate$.


pspupdates: more garbage

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You just don't understand, there are only a few members on our forums that accept the new FreePSP's, I myself do not support it, but I still support the site because they need money, they need to do this to have the site stay up.
True. It is so extremly expensive to run a webpage these days. We bet, FrozenIpaq, you never had to care about webhosting and similar things before. You have no clue so just shut up and don't tell garbage.
I do not quite agree with the new freepsp's, but a site has to stay up. You have not even participated in the forum community, this is PSPUpdates strong point, the community. These forums are the best their is with over 20,000+ members and over 100,000 posts.
We must accept the fact that there are 20.000+ members, not everyone is running a lame referral-competition and cheats his sponsors like pspupdates. Clever step, money making is not everyone's bussiness. If only 500 of those 20k+ members pay for a premium account: Uuu, let's do a calclation:

500 Premium Members x 2,99 US$ / month
Total income per month = 1495 US$

This is ENOUGH money to pay a server even with terrabytes of transfers, but don't forget they are having Popups and over 4 regular ads too and how could we forget - the google ads are there too. Remember: The calculation is done for 500 paying members per month but they have 20k+ members. No one in this world can say this is a community service. PSPupdates are even cheating their own boardmods and say they are so poor. Sad!
Plus, we don't ban people because they disagree with the site, that is totally wrong. We may close their thread to prevent flaming, but now we have a rant section.
We at emunoobs have seen that several times, so stop talking garbage again. Even myself (Nadeiko) has bad experience with pspupdates deleting normal critism.

Emunoobs used to be a newspage which gently uses mistakes to report about them in a sarcastic way, but PSPupdates are an exception. We also suggest you to inform everyone about their actions.

Source: pspupdates (you know the link)

pspupdates | freepspupdates: something which has to be said

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EvilDragon joins the forces of fighting against questionable bussiness strategies. Here a posting he made on pspupdates. Let's see if it get's deleted:

Sure thing. "One of our affiliates".
If you just check for and, it's not an affiliate, it's the same owner, making even more money this way.

BTW: Be sure to read the terms and conditions agreement on!
Especially check out this out:

"2. All addresses must be in the United States of America. Addresses not in the United States of America will not have items shipped to."

So, if you just signed up and are NOT from America, be happy, you just did this for nothing.


"8. By registering for an account on, you agree to receive any 3rd party messages that we wish to send to you. Including, but not limited to, 3rd party advertisements and offers."

Means: They sell your adresses for money you you will receive lots of nice offers (what, in my eyes, is spam. Just not officially, because you agreed getting it).

And lastly:

"1. is allowed to place any account on hold for any reason.
2. is allowed to deny credit for any offer for any

If they don't like you, you don't get a free PSP.

Enjoy the scheme ;)

We at emunoobs could not say it better (-;

Source: pspupdates webboard

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

pspupdates: jipajipa andale

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speedy "clay" gonzales has spoken. too bad pspupdates is often HOURS behind other psp news pages. we at emunoobs wonder why people pay for such a questionable service at all.


pspupdates: more piracy support

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always a pleasure again to see how psp indirectly supports piracy. just release the name of the person, that gives enough information to google it up. you people are just plain *****.


pspupdates: something new: double action

we at emunoobs refused to post missing credits from pspupdates, as there are still plenty of them but today we saw something new. a DOUBLE POST. it's good to see they have more news than the rest. we are sure they will double the premium member fee too, as you get the double to read (-;

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